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Since 1975 ACE MARTIAL ARTS specialized in Martial Arts Fight Gears & Boxing Products has been engaged in developing the high-value-added Martial Arts, Boxing products and now a days MMA Products moving forward with the current requirements of customers, using high-tech functional materials/fabrics with high-degree scientific know-how, holding a principle Top quality products @ lowest price!

A group of managing members with professional expertise and passion under the leadership of CEO Mr. C.M ARSHAD, provides the multifarious products to many worldwide famous Martial Arts, Boxing & MMA brands following six benchmarks of ace: Passion, Sincerity, Innovation, Service, Quality and Feedback.

Football UNIFORMS collection


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Email: info@ntcgroup.co
Website: www.ntcgroup.co

Address: Wazirabad Road,harrar,
Sialkot-51310 Pakistan

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